Mark Hole follows his heart in to 2013

This January, London born song smith Mark Hole will embark on the next leg of his musical adventure as he launches his second solo album, ‘Always Follow Your Heart.’

A lively face of London’s gig scene, remarkably, Mark Hole remains unsigned. However, since creating and self-releasing his debut Album “F-Sharp” people have started taking notice. He supported “Tori Amos” on her European Tour at the end of 2011 and received critical acclaim following his performance of ‘Torture Garden’ of Clive Anderson’s BBC Radio 4 show, Loose Ends.

In all of his spare time (!), Mark has just finished his second Album “Always Follow Your Heart”, spends his time interacting with his bevy of groupies and youtube fans  using quirky, anarchic low-fi videos and will soon be releasing a new EP called “Ross’s Choice”…

People are clearly keen to work with Mark, evidenced by recent collaborations with award-winning producer and ‘Rumer mentor’ “Steve Brown”, cutting his teeth with the likes of “Declan Gaffney” from the “U2” Crew, spending time in the studio with “Mr Jimmy Hogarth” himself and now working with the legend that is “Amanda Ghost”.

In a parallel musical universe, Mark has made a new family in Sweden with esteemed producers LIONHEART, and “You’ve Gotta Love A Pop Record” is currently being developed in Stockholm for release in the near future.

When Kevin Spacey bought “F-Sharp” on the basis of its cover photo alone (a typically “bare all” Mark, sprawled across an unmade bed!) he said “Listen to his songs and go to his gigs, you’ll find him to be a pretty open kind of fellow, yes a little eccentric, but his uniqueness informs a musical style with a real independence of character which you won’t find anywhere else. Think Rufus/Folds with the emotion of Jeff and the fun of Queen, and then think beyond all 4 and a bit to the side”

Mr Mark Hole, that’s ‘Mark with a K, Hole in the Ground!’ … a name worth remembering. DS

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