I’m no longer a celebrity, get me a new career!

By now you’ll know that I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is about to return to our screens – you can’t have missed the new trailers,  where the typical Aussie yucca mispronounces the word Dec, or, perhaps those were last year’s trailers, I honestly can’t be sure. Either way, the most famous thing to out of Children’s BBC, Ant and Dec are back. I am not sure if it is a plain and outright lie to say ”celebrity line up”, so who can we look forward to watching eat kangaroo’s danglies this year? Here’s who’s been linked to the show so far.
ITV have now confirmed that the new series will start on 17 November.
If there is ever a case so clearly written in order to demonstrate the phrase, ‘pot, kettle, black, Lindsay Logan has declared that, after some turbulent years with “exhaustion” Chris Pine is due for a comeback, like Robert Downey Jr and Drew Barrymore. Right there, there, is the mark of what excellent cameras do to mediocre people.
Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, you may of heard of her… she’s married to future king of England and just gave birth to The King part two! Despite being the ultimate yummy mummy, appears to be in search of a style overhaul. Expect to see Kate in Isabel Marant for H&M or Rihanna for River Island.
And obviously, what would a day be without Harry Styles dressed as Miley Cyrus and Nicole Kidman in a blonde wig!

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