Watch out couture, Courtney’s coming to get you

Look who i met…

Rocker, rebel and relentless rogue without a cause, Courtney Love, has this week revealed that she is tired of being on every ‘worst dressed’ list and walking on the wild side and has pledged allegiance to high fashion.

The most unpredictable of women has surprised once again, and has announced that, at 49, she is simply ‘too old to pull grunge off.’ the clean and wholesome side grunge look because she feels she’s ‘simply too old’ to pull it off.

The outrageous eccentric has also stopped wearing her own label, Never the Bride, as flapper and baby-doll dresses no longer suit her newest incarnation.

Guaranteed, she will still be turning heads, and I’m sure that there are slightly tense PRs on standby at her new favourite fashion houses, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta.

There is however, a little life in the old girl yet, after telling us she is a demure and polished individual, Love had time to insult two of todays most tabloid teasing provocateurs, naming Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus as ‘artless and contrived.’

Having spent the past 20 years going against the grain in an ever changing the angst ridden industry she revealed, with unusually bold candor, a guilty pleasure. When asked about her life now she was, as always, terribly earnest. ‘I have listened to “Roar” and “We Can’t Stop” and I love “Wrecking Ball” but these are songs written by men mostly for pop tarts.’

No matter the interview or story, one never leaves without an 80s Courtney Love sound bite, and i wasn’t disappointed by the ever unpredictable woman of many talents.

Every PR bone left in me was begging her to stop every hack to push my luck. I was once labelled a young rogue, and years on i am still, a young rogue.

So having looked me up and down (bare footed with a mop of tousled hair) without pause I simply got, ‘If you can’t start a trend, you’re screwed.’

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