Mummy knows best.

I would love to say that my current life innovation had sprung to mind whilst subtly smirking at the parents and wayward children shedding garmets in London’s autumnal gusts, alas, it did not.
At this point in the year, every year, something changes. 

As a human, I am truly exceptional at loosing things. I know this, my loved ones know this, and, my house key that constantly hangs around my neck knows this, far too well. 

Despite the numbers of years under my belt, I still can’t guarantee that the belt will be somewhere sensible in the morning.

This year, I have gathered my irresponsible and forgetful thoughts. Having examined my life all has become clear. Mummy knows best.

Mummy knew that, although I was told to put things in my pockets, I did not. Mummy knew that, even though I was far too grown up to be reminded, I would forget where I had last been absolutely, completely and definitely sure that I had my gloves. 

Mummy, it turns out, was on to something.

Now, I’m not at all cool and I’m rapidly burning through my twenties, but, this ageing dog is throwing out new tricks and reinstating the old.

As I speak, I have a talented sewing wizardress whipping up name tapes. Yup, name tapes. I will unashamedly attach these old school miracles to everything, no garment will leave my home naked of my name. 

I do have designs on rejoining the fashion and tech savvy elite, however. This season, not only does my name tape give my name, it also bears my Twitter handle. 

For anything I lose, I will be eagerly watching @daisy_sells. Any #lost&found, #kindnessofstrangers tweeters can give me a howdydoo online and help reunite much missed items with their owners.
Next stop, strings for my mittens.

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