Itsy Bitsy…

 Itsy Bitsy Vintage, London’s foremost avant guarde lingerie brand, today announce the launch of their captivating new collection, “Erotic Circus’, set to debut at two upcoming events in Septemb
Over the past 2 years Itsy Bitsy Vintage has gone from strength to strength. After three London Fashion Week catwalk appearances, evocative glamour, flirtatious fun and the glorious power of suggestion.

Design duo, Tracy and Oonagh, used the power of performance as their inspiration. Stunningly crafted to capture and endorse the humour and free spirit of a circus performer. This series of titillating ensembles are perfect for commanding a stage, playful seduction in the boudoir or flirtatious wiggling on a dance floor. 

There’s an element of ‘Je ne sais quoi’ as well as ‘Oooh la la’!’ Each collection imbues the strong ethical values and uncompromising contemporary design edge for which Itsy Bitsy Vintage have come to be recognised.

Everything is individually handmade in London using a range of carefully hand-selected pre-loved vintage fabrics, delicately embellished beading and trims. 

Each piece comes with its own Certificate of Provenance, proof that real luxury oozes through the authenticity and craftsmanship that make each design so special.


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