What are you looking for?

 I am, without a doubt, the last person to call of you need help with wooing or untangling heart strings.In fact, I was once described by an old friend as someone who “shuns love and happiness.”

The trouble seems to be that, as unladylike as it seems, I have a brain that likes the unpredictable and impulsive adventures.

I am in awe of the sheer passion and belief dancing in the eyes of those seeking their one true love, but, I don’t yearn for it. In fact, it baffles me.

There is only one question that unites believers, dreamers and nomads, what are you looking for?

Me, I’m looking for adventures. I seek high and low for the extraordinary. I am inspired and amazed by the quirks or people, places and things. I’m looking for the story that is written on a stranger’s face, the enquiring minds of the innocent and the weight on the shoulders of the guilty.
So, I could be written off as a lost romantic cause. But, what if the searching that I love could be applied to romance?

It would take quite a person to take the above and jump on in anyway, wouldn’t it?
Well, for someone who is excellent at words, I was rendered mute just weeks ago. Without any warning, an envelope appeared in my post box. The envelope was nothing elaborate, the contents was inspired. The sender, then unknown, proposed an adventure.

As series of clues were to follow, cryptic and intriguing. Somehow, I was on an adventure. An adventure with romantic intentions.

If ever there were a thing, capable of making my rather nomadic heart skip a beat, this was it.

The hunt is, today, still on. Every so often a hand drawn clue arrives, and, off I go. The ultimate romantic adventure.

So, today, I am looking for an intriguing stranger who holds a pocket watch and is waiting… with the pieces of charcoal that have wooed me in to Carbon dating.

If you have a nomad who you would like to start taming, get some tips from these fine folks:




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