Dear “My Friends.”

Mark Hole London born and bred. •

I arrived in London a startling decade ago. I was 17. I grew up in the countryside and ran off to adventure as soon as my legs would carry me.

Although it is terribly uncool, I am a sucker for the wonders of my city.

I know an eccentric parrot carrying man and a favourite London juggler.

Occasionally, whilst you drift about and explore the capital, you find extraordinary people and communities.

My particular menagerie of reprobates and tortured artists are the most extraordinary people a life could wish for.

Along the way, I’ll open the sacred chest of London’s underworld, but today belongs to one Mr Mark Hole.

Mark Hole is a London based singer songwriter. London has long been the home to prolific writing talents that the UK has ever spawned whose nonconformist rebellion positions him as one of the most exciting maverick performers of all time. Hollywood legend, Kevin Spacey supported this, after buying ‘F-Sharp’ he said:

“Listen to his songs and go to his gigs, you’ll find him to be a pretty open kind of fellow, yes a little eccentric, but his uniqueness informs a musical style with a real independence of character which you won’t find anywhere else”

After releasing his debut album “F-Sharp” and single “Dirty Base” he supported Tori Amos on her tour, finish off at the “Royal Albert Hall”, Mark,as always, went down a storm. He then released his 2nd album “Always Follow Your Heart” with the Titie Track Video and of course the heartbreaking single that is “Torture Garden”.

Ask the eccentric friends of Mark Hole, you get tales of shirtless press-ups on stage at The legendary Troubadour, unpredictable quirks in fields, festivals and mischief.

Ever keeping us on our toes, Mark is constantly exploring the new and home grown talents.

Having built a musical following in London town, Mark has crossed the pond and is hanging out and working with super wonders in LA. Mark’s musical jaunt did wonders and the boy is back in town and has bought a new flavour and delightful inspiration.

Mark is, infuriatingly wonderful. Everyday and everywhere, he listens and learns, throwing himself into his dreams and unwavering passion for his art.

2015 saw the launch of his blog and opened up a whole library of old and new ditties that have changed his world as well as telling the newest Mark Hole fans the stories that arose from our heydays, world of stories and mischief in every song.

This particular song has been a love since 2008, along with F Sharp, the album was the lives and people that we acquired as we adventured enthusiastically.

So, to my friend, Mark Hole and “THE HOLE STORY that is to come, I have only love and humungous pride.

My Friend as been uploaded on Soundcloud and for the time being you can download it for free here on this link below.…/the-hole-story-4-my-friend-the-cur…

Next thing is “My Friend” The Music Video. I’m currently storyboarding a monster so watch this space. Once I have it written, planned and booked in I’ll fill you in movement to movement.

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