High Top Pop Up

I am almost incapable of suppressing my sheer excitement when looking at the week ahead.

Sure, I’ll be fighting for #FROW and anxiously schmoozing with fashionistas at many a soirée, but, my joy comes some kicks.

This weekend, Converse are staging a takeover. The high top paradise that is the ‘One Star Hotel’ marks the start of a two day party promising the freshest sounds, styles and the MASSIVELY anticipated drop of Converse’s new collection, One Star.

The Converse One Star Hotel will contain five floors of exclusive sneaker drops and rooms curated by the likes of A$AP Nast, Yung Lean and MadeMe. The hotel – open on February 16th and 17th – requires no reservation and will host gigs, workshops and conversations with some of the most exciting creators in the world today.

Flying in the face of what we’d expect from a five-star hotel, the Converse One Star Hotel promises “shoebox rooms, staff with attitude, loud neighbours and zero sleep”.

Chuck Taylor, I salute you!


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