For the love of boobs…

To the surprise of nobody on the internet, the go-to source for pornographic statistics is the ever-popular PornHub, most likely because they’re one of the most visited porn websites in existence. Their recently updated USA and UK statistics claim that interest in breasts are starting to sag proving that more than a handful is, indeed, a waste.

These new statistics show what todays millennial’s are watching on PornHub, as well as possibly the Generation X guys from the 70’s and 80’s. It appears that big breasts are not on the popular agenda right now. They may just be more popular in searches by die-hard male fans of bosoms, or by woman just to make themselves feel more insecure. Who knows? Regardless, smaller, more natural looking breasts won the popular vote, as PornHub shows from this data from 2015 to 2017.

Let’s get some exact stats going. Viewers between the ages of 18 and 24 years old are 20% less likely to search for breast related content than males from older generations. Viewers from the “Baby Boomer” generation (ages 55-64) were 17% more likely to search for breast content, with keyword terms such as “big natural breasts” still ranking at a high 4th in popularity on the Hub. So, it’s safe to say that baby boomers pay attention to breasts, and millennial’s not so much. As for Generation X, they’re truly a mixed bag of mystery.

Only 1.5% of daily searches are breast related, which is quite low on the Richter Scale of porn searches. Now let’s break down that measly percentage into decimals, shall we? 0.89% of those searches were for large breasts, 0.29% were for natural breasts, 0.09%for small breasts, and only an incredible 0.06% for fake breasts. With these intricate details, it might serve as a populous breakdown of who’s looking for what in the breast department, as if somebody would actually judge somebody’s overall suitability by breast size.

It’s entirely necessary that I state that, although being extremely reliable as a source, PornHub is not a scientific research lab, just a well trusted go-to source for porn and porn statistics, but as they have demonstrated with their studies, there’s been a definitive decline in demand for big breasts online.

Not For Sale

Today, unlike most days, I’m in the mood to jump on a bandwagon. Some things, some things are worth jumping for, even better, popping up for.

On 19-24th and 26-29th March the popup’s pop up at M Victoria Street are lowering their guard and opening their hidden doors to support NGO, Not For Sale. The two events are appearing on London’s foodie scene in support of International Women’s Day aiming to raise awareness and much needed charitable donations to end sex trafficking and forced labour.

During the pop-up M Victoria Street will be serving a special menu and word on the street is that Tinie Tempah, Simon Mayo and Simon Shaw OBE are all on the billing.

Where: M Victoria Street, Zig Zag Building, 74 Victoria Street SW1E 6SQ


A little #metoo from me to you.

I was cheerfully reminded of an old, faded wound by Facebook today.10 whole years ago, at the tender age of 20, I was at the start of my world travels when I fell victim to the truly terrifying experience of being roofied. One minute I was on my first drink, the next I was collapsed in the middle of a Manly Street in Australia. It’s barely a footnote in my travelling diaries, but, as we approach #InternationalWomensDay this week, I am reminded that it is a memory I should both share and acknowledge.I was lucky enough to be with some exceptional friends on the other side of the world who reacted and protected me, but, so many others’ stories don’t end so well. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, be aware and protect yourself as you party