As far as I tell, in the years that I have supposedly been “growing up,” the world has been rocked and wounded beyond even my imagination.

Whilst we all have our feelings and allegiances when it comes to global and societal issues, we can all agree that our impact on the world is relegated to being the little voice inside our heads that sends rare pangs of guilt to our consciousnesses. Right now there are 30 million children who have been forced to leave their homes or families because of war.

War Child UK do incredible work to help children caught up in conflict and have launched a New collection of limited edition fundraiser t-shirts designed by top British fashion designers. Grab your limited edition tee now.

Bella Freud
“It was wonderful for me to get involved in this project and support War Child UK’s work. The charity turns 25 this year and to learn about the ways they help children overcome the trauma of war is truly inspiring. I urge everyone to help give children the chance in life that they deserve by donating or purchasing an item from the Wear It For War Child collection.”

Giles Deacon
“This was an incredibly fun project to be a part of and I encourage everyone to support the amazing work that War Child UK does. No child should have to go through the horrors of war alone. For 25 years, War Child has been working tirelessly to rebuild shattered communities to ensure that children are protected. We should all stand together for the innocent children who are bearing the brunt of conflict, and give them hope for a brighter future.”

“It’s a privilege to offer support to War Child UK, a charity that has been doing amazing work to support vulnerable children affected by the horrors of war. I love the creative ways they try to raise awareness and hope that this my contribution is able to make a big difference.”

Pam Hogg
“War Child UK is a remarkable charity and I am honoured to lend my support for their 25th anniversary. It’s heart-breaking knowing hundreds of thousands of children’s lives have been shattered due to on going conflicts that show no sign of stopping. It’s imperative to show solidarity by supporting this cause, Wear It For War Child, I urge everyone too.”

Words by Daisy Sells

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