#LFW #AW17 Day One




The after, after party…

London’s New Year’s Day Parade

For the past 30 years, the London’s New Year’s Day Parade or the LNYDP as well like to call it, has been showcasing the very best of what London has to offer. It’s certainly grown since the 2,000 participants at the very beginning – now there’s 10,000 participants with a street audience of over 500,000. The annual London parade kicks off this year at 12 noon from Piccadilly and is nonstop fun and attractions all the way down to Parliament Street. Joining us this year in the parade is Alexis I Du Pont High School with their 8th appearance in the festivities, All The Queen’s Horses with their equestrian show, American Cop Cars and much much more. Keep checking our lineup of musicians, performers and floats here. Along with the parade, there’ll be entries from some of the 31 boroughs of London in some form of entertainment in the theme of the year to showcase the diversity and greatness of our beloved City. Keep your eyes out for yours!

New Years Day Breakfast Club 

New Year’s Day antics are slowly becoming just as extravagant and massive as the night’s before. In London, there’s always something going on and NYD is no different. Time to brush yourself off, have a coffee and get back to the festivities! Percolate have teamed up with The Breakfast Club to bring you a day of partying to carry on from NYE, with a fresh breakfast of pastries and a buffet table to give you fuel for the hours ahead. There’s DJ’s including Jane Fitz’s 4-hour techno set, MR Solid Gold, Park Ranger and Saoirse will all be there for the first breakfast of the year!


imageHere’s hoping i am slowly making you love the world of words a little more, but, if you’re still umming and/or ahhing, this week Stack director Steve Watson took print to Shoreditch putting Dan Stafford, editor and creative director of Amuseum, in the hot seat at hipster hotel, Ace.

The event was engineered to give an unfiltered look at the making of a magazine, a chance to hear the stories behind the stories and generally ogle at the beguiling minds that make up the press of today.

Few things can be better than a room full of people who love words, debate, eccentricity and beer, so, unsurprisingly, my clandestine eavesdropping yielded a brilliant compendium of conversation and confrontation.

For those unfamiliar with Stack, it is a truly inspired purveyor of print. Each month a publication of any genre, opinion or concept arrives at your door. It is a library of sorts, a celebration of the still smouldering life of print and a heartwarming f*ck you to the digital age.