For the love of boobs…

To the surprise of nobody on the internet, the go-to source for pornographic statistics is the ever-popular PornHub, most likely because they’re one of the most visited porn websites in existence. Their recently updated USA and UK statistics claim that interest in breasts are starting to sag proving that more than a handful is, indeed, a waste.

These new statistics show what todays millennial’s are watching on PornHub, as well as possibly the Generation X guys from the 70’s and 80’s. It appears that big breasts are not on the popular agenda right now. They may just be more popular in searches by die-hard male fans of bosoms, or by woman just to make themselves feel more insecure. Who knows? Regardless, smaller, more natural looking breasts won the popular vote, as PornHub shows from this data from 2015 to 2017.

Let’s get some exact stats going. Viewers between the ages of 18 and 24 years old are 20% less likely to search for breast related content than males from older generations. Viewers from the “Baby Boomer” generation (ages 55-64) were 17% more likely to search for breast content, with keyword terms such as “big natural breasts” still ranking at a high 4th in popularity on the Hub. So, it’s safe to say that baby boomers pay attention to breasts, and millennial’s not so much. As for Generation X, they’re truly a mixed bag of mystery.

Only 1.5% of daily searches are breast related, which is quite low on the Richter Scale of porn searches. Now let’s break down that measly percentage into decimals, shall we? 0.89% of those searches were for large breasts, 0.29% were for natural breasts, 0.09%for small breasts, and only an incredible 0.06% for fake breasts. With these intricate details, it might serve as a populous breakdown of who’s looking for what in the breast department, as if somebody would actually judge somebody’s overall suitability by breast size.

It’s entirely necessary that I state that, although being extremely reliable as a source, PornHub is not a scientific research lab, just a well trusted go-to source for porn and porn statistics, but as they have demonstrated with their studies, there’s been a definitive decline in demand for big breasts online.

Dear “My Friends.”

Mark Hole London born and bred. •

I arrived in London a startling decade ago. I was 17. I grew up in the countryside and ran off to adventure as soon as my legs would carry me.

Although it is terribly uncool, I am a sucker for the wonders of my city.

I know an eccentric parrot carrying man and a favourite London juggler.

Occasionally, whilst you drift about and explore the capital, you find extraordinary people and communities.

My particular menagerie of reprobates and tortured artists are the most extraordinary people a life could wish for.

Along the way, I’ll open the sacred chest of London’s underworld, but today belongs to one Mr Mark Hole.

Mark Hole is a London based singer songwriter. London has long been the home to prolific writing talents that the UK has ever spawned whose nonconformist rebellion positions him as one of the most exciting maverick performers of all time. Hollywood legend, Kevin Spacey supported this, after buying ‘F-Sharp’ he said:

“Listen to his songs and go to his gigs, you’ll find him to be a pretty open kind of fellow, yes a little eccentric, but his uniqueness informs a musical style with a real independence of character which you won’t find anywhere else”

After releasing his debut album “F-Sharp” and single “Dirty Base” he supported Tori Amos on her tour, finish off at the “Royal Albert Hall”, Mark,as always, went down a storm. He then released his 2nd album “Always Follow Your Heart” with the Titie Track Video and of course the heartbreaking single that is “Torture Garden”.

Ask the eccentric friends of Mark Hole, you get tales of shirtless press-ups on stage at The legendary Troubadour, unpredictable quirks in fields, festivals and mischief.

Ever keeping us on our toes, Mark is constantly exploring the new and home grown talents.

Having built a musical following in London town, Mark has crossed the pond and is hanging out and working with super wonders in LA. Mark’s musical jaunt did wonders and the boy is back in town and has bought a new flavour and delightful inspiration.

Mark is, infuriatingly wonderful. Everyday and everywhere, he listens and learns, throwing himself into his dreams and unwavering passion for his art.

2015 saw the launch of his blog and opened up a whole library of old and new ditties that have changed his world as well as telling the newest Mark Hole fans the stories that arose from our heydays, world of stories and mischief in every song.

This particular song has been a love since 2008, along with F Sharp, the album was the lives and people that we acquired as we adventured enthusiastically.

So, to my friend, Mark Hole and “THE HOLE STORY that is to come, I have only love and humungous pride.

My Friend as been uploaded on Soundcloud and for the time being you can download it for free here on this link below.…/the-hole-story-4-my-friend-the-cur…

Next thing is “My Friend” The Music Video. I’m currently storyboarding a monster so watch this space. Once I have it written, planned and booked in I’ll fill you in movement to movement.

What are you looking for?

 I am, without a doubt, the last person to call of you need help with wooing or untangling heart strings.In fact, I was once described by an old friend as someone who “shuns love and happiness.”

The trouble seems to be that, as unladylike as it seems, I have a brain that likes the unpredictable and impulsive adventures.

I am in awe of the sheer passion and belief dancing in the eyes of those seeking their one true love, but, I don’t yearn for it. In fact, it baffles me.

There is only one question that unites believers, dreamers and nomads, what are you looking for?

Me, I’m looking for adventures. I seek high and low for the extraordinary. I am inspired and amazed by the quirks or people, places and things. I’m looking for the story that is written on a stranger’s face, the enquiring minds of the innocent and the weight on the shoulders of the guilty.
So, I could be written off as a lost romantic cause. But, what if the searching that I love could be applied to romance?

It would take quite a person to take the above and jump on in anyway, wouldn’t it?
Well, for someone who is excellent at words, I was rendered mute just weeks ago. Without any warning, an envelope appeared in my post box. The envelope was nothing elaborate, the contents was inspired. The sender, then unknown, proposed an adventure.

As series of clues were to follow, cryptic and intriguing. Somehow, I was on an adventure. An adventure with romantic intentions.

If ever there were a thing, capable of making my rather nomadic heart skip a beat, this was it.

The hunt is, today, still on. Every so often a hand drawn clue arrives, and, off I go. The ultimate romantic adventure.

So, today, I am looking for an intriguing stranger who holds a pocket watch and is waiting… with the pieces of charcoal that have wooed me in to Carbon dating.

If you have a nomad who you would like to start taming, get some tips from these fine folks:


Many people, planting the seeds of the future

On 25 April 2015, something truly terrifying happened. Unlike a million and one other catastrophes that have rocked the world this year, this was entirely unprovoked and unforgiving. The earthquake, recorded at a staggering 8.1, not only shook a country, but, shook an entire world.
Nowadays, we are desensitised and taught how to react when faced with all manner of atrocities. Every day, we wake up to tales of woe and a world filled with turmoil and uncertainty. Every night, we drift off to sleep and let the world worry about itself whilst we rest.
It seems that, the only disaster completely unnatural and overwhelming for us, is, a natural one.
The British approach to disaster is to roll up our sleeves and rally. We are superb at rallying. The thing that we British folk struggle with is, stepping back and looking at the big picture.
It is an excruciatingly slow process, rebuilding and healing country. Unlike the western worlds that we live in, there is no protocol or immediate evacuation and rescue, no A plan, let alone a B. The terrain is distorted and the people are lost.
I was in Nepal on the 26 April. Like many other travel and crisis folk, I was braced for the chaos. We could not have imagined the journey that lay ahead of us and a traumatised population…..
Fast forward, if you will, to morning paper today. What is the headline? How much has the world changed? There have been elections, wars and absurd happenings, we’ve even celebrated the legendary terrorist, Guy Fawkes, and his foiled plot to blow up the British Government.
For an atrociously uncelebrated web of project leaders, NGOs and volunteers on the ground Nepal, it could still be May. Whist the world kept turning and fellow humans perpetrated inhumane vengeance on a daily basis, the real work was starting.
Aside from practicalities such as aid, construction and structure, the greatest and least appreciated threads of Nepal are being weaved. Women are, in the wake of tragedy, slowly building the foundations that will, once Western support rolls out, support their country. There are few things as humbling as watching a group of heartbroken women look around at the ruins or their former lives and, somehow, see hope.
One of the leading lights on the path to Nepal’s future are People Tree. Based in Kathmandu, People Tree’s producer partner KTS employs 2,273 artisans, in 150 knitting circles, who produce beautiful hand knitted garments for the sustainable fashion pioneers. 95% of the knitters are women who work at home whilst healing and looking after their families.
It isn’t remotely glamourous and is a far cry from fashionistas and rock’n’roll, but, somehow, with making any commotion, this little idea is the picture of unstated chic. If I could pick an iconic woman who transcends rock’n’roll and sheer grit, Jo Wood, would mostly likely win hands down. It would be an excellent PR stunt to drop your token celeb in for a photo op then whisk them away, but, rumour has it, Jo rolled up her sleeves in the knitting circle and left her swanky digs to stay with a local family.
With very little fanfare, the former model also met with the ethical fashion brands Nepali partner, Kumbeshwar Technical School (KTS), to see the relief work since the earthquake and how Fair Trade improves livelihoods. Jo has teamed up with People Tree for an exceptionally inspired collection, one can only assume that, along with the garments, a little bit of Nepal’s past and future are sewn in there somewhere.
The Jo Wood with People Tree collection will be available for sale in February 2016 and September 2016 at The video of the trip can be found at
nepal-2015. Images are available here:

Itsy Bitsy…

 Itsy Bitsy Vintage, London’s foremost avant guarde lingerie brand, today announce the launch of their captivating new collection, “Erotic Circus’, set to debut at two upcoming events in Septemb
Over the past 2 years Itsy Bitsy Vintage has gone from strength to strength. After three London Fashion Week catwalk appearances, evocative glamour, flirtatious fun and the glorious power of suggestion.

Design duo, Tracy and Oonagh, used the power of performance as their inspiration. Stunningly crafted to capture and endorse the humour and free spirit of a circus performer. This series of titillating ensembles are perfect for commanding a stage, playful seduction in the boudoir or flirtatious wiggling on a dance floor. 

There’s an element of ‘Je ne sais quoi’ as well as ‘Oooh la la’!’ Each collection imbues the strong ethical values and uncompromising contemporary design edge for which Itsy Bitsy Vintage have come to be recognised.

Everything is individually handmade in London using a range of carefully hand-selected pre-loved vintage fabrics, delicately embellished beading and trims. 

Each piece comes with its own Certificate of Provenance, proof that real luxury oozes through the authenticity and craftsmanship that make each design so special.


To Paris, with love.

This week, I was asked to write a feature on Paris and its wonders. Alas, there do not seem many words that could speak for her in the wake of this week.

The wonderful and exquisite charms of anything fade, as they should, in the face of fear and chaos.

Whether I be a journalist, juggler or jockey, today, I am merely a fellow traveller.

I will not become speculative, neither will I perpetuate the rapid spread of vile images and hate that is brewing.

From a Londerner to you, Paris, I am sorry. Words won’t fix a city rocked by such cowardly actions and horror, but, from just one person, miles away, my love is with you all.